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Who Invented the Guitar?

By Kevin | April 24, 2008

The Guitar doesnt really have one “inventor” as such – not that I’ve found anyway!

The Guitar seems to have evolved from the Lute family of instruments, and Guitar type instruments have been used for almost 5000 years.

To read more about who invented the guitar I recommend you check out the article in the Wikipedia on Guitar – as this has excellent references to the history of the classical guitar.

The Electric Guitar can be said to have an inventor, or at least a few people who were influential in its creation.

There were a few inventors messing around with amplifying guitars to make them louder in the 1920’s, however in around 1931 George Beauchamp, who worked with with Adolph Rickenbacker, created an the first electromagnetic pickup, which was the first real way of picking up the vibrations from the guitars strings. 

This was really the first commercial electric guitar – but it still had a hollow body.

It was guitar inventor Les Paul who created the first true solid body electric guitar, and in the 1940’s Paul Digsby and Leo Fender were also influential in creating the designs we know today.

There is a wealth of information on Guitar History on the internet, and as I am by no means an expert in this area I’ll simply leave you with a few links to read further on the subject:



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buy a drum set

By Kevin | April 22, 2008

are you looking to buy a drum set any time soon?

Do you know what to look for?

I’ve helped many students out with such things in the past.  It can be really hard to really know the good from the bad, particularly if you are a parent and you don’t know anything about drum sets.

Here are a few quick pointers:

– Look for damaged skins

This will indicate that the drum set has been beaten pretty hard, and likely has had a hard working life!

– Look for rust spots around metal parts

Rust (like on a car) is sure to be a bad thing around any metal… it shows the drums may have been kept in damp surroundings

– Make sure everything is working

Pedals and things have to work… don’t buy a drum kit without everything working completely properly!

There is heaps more on the subject – you really need to do your research very well before spending your hard earned dollars.

There is an e-book available by Drummer Dan Poynter for under $20 which gives you all the info you need to make informed choices about buying drums and cymbals.. and if you read the information throughly you’ll be better prepared and you won’t get ripped off!

Click here to check out drum and cymbal buying guideClick here to check it out »

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Beginners Drum Lessons

By Kevin | April 17, 2008

I’ve been playing drums since I was five years old – so drums are an instrument that I’ve played (and indeed taught) for many years. In Fact I’ve got a whole blog about drums at where I talk about drums and percussion and how they are used in schools.

Just today a package arrived from Railroad Media, including The Rock Drumming System by Jared Falk. I purchased this course so that I’d really be able to give you a good idea of the course and its content.

I’m really impressed by the detail that is included in this System, and I’ll review each of the books and DVDs one by one as I watch them and check out what the entire system has to offer beginners on the Drums.

In the beginner DVD Jared walks you through how to tune and set up your drum set to get great sounds. Even though I’ve been drumming for years this still showed me a few tips and tricks that I didn’t know about how to get great sounds from the toms.

In the Beginner DVD Jared’s also got a great way of explaining basic beats – he slows them down so that beginners aren’t confused about the notation.

The DVD screen is split into multiple parts, so that you can see the notation on the top, and mulitple camera angles underneath showing each beat being played.

Rock Drumming System Book and DVD 1The Workbook has also got all the beats and fills played on the Video written out in easy to read notation.

Even if you’ve never picked up a pair of sticks before you’ll find that you can quickly get playing drums using this system.

The best thing about a home learning course like this one is that you have the freedom to work with it at your own pace, and you can refer back to the DVD if you are unsure of what is offered with it.

so if you are looking for Beginners Drum Lessons check out the Rock Drumming System today!

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Beginning piano lessons

By Kevin | April 15, 2008

Some basic advice for those looking for beginning piano lessons on the internet.

Learning to play the piano is something that will take effort and commitment – its not something that you’ll be able to conquer in a day or two of casual effort.

Even the most accomplished musicians spent many many hours practicing to get their level of skills – virtually no-one

This isn’t trying to discourage you!

You should follow your dream of learning piano. It is an incredibly rewarding thing to do! Personally I’ve spent many satisfying hours practicing and working on my piano playing.

If you are wanting to begin piano lessons there are several approaches you can take

1) You can get a private teacher

2) Get an online learning course

3) You can try and figure it out for yourself

4) You can do all of the above!

The truth is that it is you who has to do it – the teacher and the course won’t do it for you .. but they will help!!

Get a private teacher

A private teacher will definitely help you – however before you do go to a teacher make sure that they are right for your particular learning needs and style.

Piano teachers all vary a great deal – from those who teach classical examination style lessons and to those who teach jazz and pop music. Therefore if you are looking to go to private lessons then make sure that you have the right teacher who can teach what you are wanting to learn.

Invest in an online learning course

There are many courses which we recommend on this webpage, and they are ideal for beginner piano lessons. Jermaine Grigg’s Hear and Play courses are wonderful – and we highly commend them if you are interested in a worship style playing.

I’ve used Jermaines courses myself – the 300 page course is a great starting point to beginner piano lessons.
Trying to figure it out by yourself

We have lots of free resources available at the FUn Music COmpany websites to help you – if you go to one of our other blogs – the Parents Music Guide you’ll find a piano notes chart which can help with the basic notes.

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Learn to Sing Online

By Kevin | April 8, 2008

The First Vocal program we have to check out on this site has to be Brett Manning’s Singing Success.

Vocal Coach Brett Manning has to be one of the most sought after vocal trainers on the planet, with an impressive list of accomplishments.

Brett has coached some of the best in the business, and knows how to bring out the best in anyones voice.

Brett Mannings CD ProgramIn Brett’s CD program you find 12 CD’s and a workbook packed full of everything you need to refine your voice.

If you’ve never had any vocal training at all you’ll be astounded at the extra range and quality of expression you’ll be able to find in your voice when you start working with Brett’s program.

Click here to check it out today!

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benefits of learning online rather than private lessons

By Kevin | April 3, 2008

Learning Music online and with DVD’s and books has a great many advantages for many people.

Firstly you can Learn at your Own Pace – you dont need to rely on the teacher giving you the next steps in your learning

Secondly you can Learn your own style of music – you aren’t influenced by the teachers particular musical tastes and experience.

Learning online does have distinct advantages, however it should be used as part of your learning mix and not your only method.

At the Fun Music Company we are experienced musicians and teachers, and we’d never recommend that you learn only online – because it really doesn’t give you the most ideal learning environment.

Here is the learning mix which all people should experience to learn an instrument:

– Learning from Video and Instructional lessons, both offline and online

– Learning from a teacher, preferrably face to face

– Learning from doing – playing in a band, learning in a group.

If you learn using all three of these methods you’ll have the greatest chance of learning your instrument the fastest and learning the most in the smallest amount of time

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Learn Drums Completely Online from the Beginning

By Kevin | April 1, 2008

Did you know that you can learn the drums completely online?

Begin Drumming Online Learning CourseThere is a course that takes you through step by step – and all the videos are only available online.

This courses major advantage over its competitors is that you don’t have to wait for anything to be shipped to you – you can get started straight away and learn from the over four hours of video lessons included. 

If you’ve never even picked up a pair of sticks before, then Begin Drumming will be perfect for you.

Drum Expert Jim McCarthy takes you through step by step how to

The course costs $49.95 USD which is quite reasonable considering the amount of content included. Click here to visit begindruming for Five Free Sample Lessons.

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Learn Gospel Piano

By Kevin | March 27, 2008

The most fundamental and complete course available for learning Gospel Style Piano is Gospel Keys 101

Gospel Keys 101Gospel Keys 101 will teach you everything you need to know to get started playing basic hymns and congregational songs by ear. If you’re a beginner and would like your very own gospel piano teacher on DVD, this course is definitely for you!

This dvd course moves at a very comfortable pace and leaves no questions unanswered. You will be shown, step-by-step, how to harmonize every single tone of the major scale — AND since songs are based on melodies (and melodies are based on major scales), you’ll be able to harmonize MOST songs immediately after learning these concepts.

In 90 minutes, you’ll learn a variety of chords, inversions, melodies, and will be playing over a half-dozen songs by the end!

If you are playing in church it makes perfect sense to invest the small amount in such a program to learn from one of the true geniouses of gospel playing.

Click here to visit to check it out today!

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Learn the Djembe Online

By Kevin | March 25, 2008

Rope Tuned DjembeThe Djembe is often called a “bongo drum” – Its the drum that you see played at beaches, at festivals and events and everywhere where people are just “hanging out” and having a great time.

At the Fun Music Company we’ve put together a course with professional percussionist Tim Irrgang, which helps people learn the basic skills on the djembe, and gives them a real head start.

If you have ever tried to learn through a group situation, you’ll find that you learn heaps… but you often don’t get the specific skills you need, and that is why you need to think about doing some private study in your own loungeroom, where you can take the time to learn what YOU need… not what the rest of the group needs.

Group learning is fantastic, and don’t stop going to your group… but do keep yourself moving forward and get yourself inspired to learn the Djembe by having a look at the great online learning courses that are available – There are heaps and this is just the first one that we are going to let you know about on this page.

for more information check out

Djembe Secrets Learning Course

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Improve your guitar playing out of sight!

By Kevin | March 20, 2008

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Chris Elmore (the owner of and numerous other great guitar sites), and I couldn’t believe the amazing courses he has come up with.

Chris’s course has everything you’d need to get started learning the guitar in just 30 days, even if you’ve never even picked up a guitar if your life!

Guitar Tips Online Learning Course

The course is 100% delivered online, so you can get instant access and get learning straight away. Its structured in such a way that you

I’ve seen loads of guitar courses – I’ve even tried a few (even though I’m not a guitarist) and I have to say that Chris’s Guitar Tips is the best fundamental course I’ve seen.

Even if you just join the email list at you’ll get heaps of useful free information delivered into your inbox every day.

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